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Here is a list of my stories (and fanart if I ever get around uploading it here), enjoy and tell me what you think (Concrit is more than welcome!).

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Dear Yuletide Author

Hello my dearest Yuletide author,

Thank you so much for whatever you are going to write for me. These prompts are meant to give you inspiration, so feel free to ignore them. Please take a note of the do not wants; apart from them I’m easy to please.

Feel free to look around my tumblr for ideas. I like witches, dragons, lady knights, women being awesome, fairy tales, mythology, forbidden love, political intrigue, adventures, (enemies to) friends to lovers, fluff, animals, cuddling and snuggling and epic hugs and ofc epic friendships.

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Happy new year 2015!

*Hands out the champagne*

Just wanted to say that I hope that all of you had (or will have!!) a great start for the year 2015!

(I hereby promise that I'll try to keep my LJ up to date a bit better.)


Merlin fic: Linkage of Souls

Title: Linkage of Souls
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: T
Word count: 1074
Summary: Merlin is alright. He would know, Merlin had said, he would know, just as Merlin would know if something happened to him. He presses his hand to his heart, against the tattoo hidden under his clothes, hoping for some sort of comfort.
Notes/warnings: sassafrasx was once again awesome and betaed this for me, thank you <333 (and I once again did some minor polish after that so hopefully I didn't introduce any mistakes)

Also, I still have no clue what this is. Dystopian domestic fluff that isn't actually fluff?

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Merlin fic: Barbed Wire

Title: Barbed Wire
Pairing: Arthur/Morgana
Rating: E
Word count: 1028
Summary: Uther announces that Arthur has a half-sister and on the next day Morgana moves in. At first their touches are chaste apologies between sharp words.
Notes/warnings: Huge thanks to digthewriter for the beta. I poked around a little afterwards so if some mistakes made it in I'm very sorry.

Warnings for half-sibling incest, general fucked upness, possibly implied underage (I thought them to be around 16/17 so above the age of consent in most of Europe), underage drinking, semi-public sex... Possible dub-con due to intoxication, idek?

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Merlin fic: Innocent Hearts

Title: Innocent Hearts
Pairing: pre-Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
Word count: 684
Summary: Arthur is staying over at Merlin's and appears in the middle of the night to ask Hunith about something.
Notes/warnings: Thanks to lovely digthewriter for the beta, all remaining mistakes are mine.

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Maleficent art

Maleficent was a lovely movie and I esp. loved her as young. She was so cute :D So a little digital thing I did under the cut:

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Summer time

I've been really quiet lately because I have been focusing on writing the ACBB, but I thought I would just put these pics up here. I took them yesterday on a walk and they made me smile. I hope they'll do the same for you :)

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Merlin fic: What They Deem Thee to Be

Title: What They Deem Thee to Be
Pairing: (pre-)Merlin/Arthur
Rating: T
Word count: 31,901 (woohoo!)
Summary: When the Old Religion refuses to acknowledge Arthur as the crown prince, his only choice is to go on to a quest to prove his worth. The Lady of the Lake sends him to retrieve the Grail from the legendary castle of the Fisher king, and with him comes Merlin, both a guide and a judge, full of secrets, past hurts and blinding smiles.
Notes/warnings: All the love for my beta sassafrasx who did a wonderful job on this. All remaining mistakes are mine. Written for History BB, but please note that though I have striven for certain historical accuracy some deviations were necessary.

Read on AO3, because LJ is not being nice.

Merlin fic: A Star on the Morning SKy

Title: A Star on the Morning sky
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur (pre-slash)
Rating: T
Word count: 1044
Summary: For even the very wise cannot see all ends.
Notes/Warnings: Angst, mentions of attempted suicide. Sequel to The End of All Hope.

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